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Say Yes Consultings
A business advisory firm focused on increasing diversity and accessibility by decreasing costs and barriers
What we do

Our firm specializes in helping companies find the right talent for their team while serving as change management consultants. We help companies and small businesses to maximize their revenue by diversifying their talent pool through accessibility-focused recruitment while decreasing employee quitting rates by eliminating management and communications barriers.
As human relations consultants, we strongly believe in the value of human relationships in all aspects of business growth, communications, and change management.
In the past 15 years I traveled over 80 countries which is process of meeting people, understanding cultures, understanding myself.

I have witnessed the brokenness of humanity and that is when the concept of Say Yes Consulting became originating.
Say Yes Consultings is a consulting company that specializes in helping businesses and organizations say "yes" to growth, innovation, and success. The goal is to identify your goals, challenges, and opportunities, and develop customized solutions that deliver results.

Our approach is collaborative, pragmatic, and results-driven, and we are committed to helping our clients, you, to achieve the full potential
En-Li Su
CEO and Founder

of Say Yes Consultings

Say Yes Consultings is available to any business niche and from any spot on the planet.

Our CEO and founder can meet for a coffee chat in person if you are based in Vancouver, Canada or can meet you virtually if you are based anywhere else.
Say Yes Consultings is not bounded to any specific business niche, our job is to be open to every business, to help any profession to improve and bring more ideas, more money, more value by critically analysing your goals and pains to find solution how to improve.
Our network is our biggest superiority. Whether your company would need an investment, new talents or simply to develop a website within 2 weeks - we will have the right person or a company to connect you with
Our Story
Working as an Austism service provider and tutor for special needs children have taught the founder En-Li many things in life but the most important is learning how to build relationship with clients while coming up with creative and fun solutions while building up one’s confidence and character.

As a small business advisory firm with big ambitions, Say Yes Consultings LLP is entering the first step of a thousands miles to change the world by helping business owners
We look forward to meeting you and supporting your roadmap to success
helping business owners, one person at a time with our world class team
After our coffee chats, I am confident we can work together!
Let’s say YES together!
What clients say
Coffee chatS
In the first coffee chat we will discuss you and your company, we will both introduce ourselves. Our job is to let you know what exactly we can provide to you and to your business while understanding what you are doing
15 minute coffee chat
In the second coffee chat we will discuss your paint points and understand the issues you might have. Whether your business is seeking more funding, additional staff or you need exposure to higher ends of networking, all this will be discussed in just 30 minutes of your time
During our final meeting, Say Yes Consultings will provide you with the solution to your problem or improvement to your issues.
Final Coffee chat will determine our upcoming long or short term business relationship
We will have a total of 3 coffee chats to analyse meet, discuss opportunities on how to work together and find solutions to your pain points.